Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin Stroller

Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin Stroller

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decent stroller Smooth ride but very big and very heavy unless you have the muscles to lift it

Love this stroller! One of my favorite activities to do outside with my twins is walk them around and let them touch different leaves and trees. They just love being out in the fresh air. This stroller ROCKS!

I have the valco single stroller and I love it. The only down fall of it is ( depending on the store) it is hard to fit down some aisles.

This is an amazing double jogging side by side stroller! For my first child, I had a Bugaboo Chameleon and when my second came along, I spent hours and hours researching a double that would perform similar to our single. The intensive search brought be back to the Valco every time. The reviews were great and the options seemed right, so we went to look at it in person. My son is a very tall 2 year old so I found that most of the doubles out there didn't accommodate his height. All the others his feet would either hang off the end or would drag on the ground. The Valco Tri Mode Twin is easy to push, has adjustable handlebar, folds easy, has removable tires, its light for a double, and fits through all regular doorways. Most importantly, my kids think that it is comfortable. My two year old fell asleep in it on the weekend, and he hasn't slept in a stroller in a year. He was able to recline back and stretch his legs out. My infant was snug and secure and having the one touch adjustable seat is great. The big tires allow for a smooth ride over most terrain and easy maneuverability. We travel a lot so we needed something that would travel well and work for all different situations (zoo, DC, SF, Jogging, etc). We find it fits great in the back of our vehicle... smaller than other doubles we looked at. It will also take the car seat with an adapter so that is a plus! The only downfall is that it doesn't come with snack trays (you can buy them separate) or a cup holder (again you can buy it separate). I know that it is a bit pricey but worth the investment to have only one stroller. My friends all have three strollers (umbrella, front/back, jogging stroller) compared to our one.