VTech Letter Sounds Learning Bus

VTech Letter Sounds Learning Bus

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Cute little toy that distracts the kids from realizing they are actually learning and what's more fun than a bus. Everyone loves buses.

My mom got one of these for my son for Christmas. He loves playing with it and telling me what the letters are after he pushes them. It isn't too "noisy" for my mom-ears to take, and it is a toy I can easily slip into a bag to take with us. It's fantastic to have along on the road - no small pieces that will fall on the floor, and if it does drop it is big enough to easily snatch up and give back to him, even if I'm driving. I especially like that he is learning as he is playing, so this is an electronic toy I have no trouble with him using a lot.

VTech makes great toys. This bus is great. My son has learned so much playing with it.

Love this little bus!

Having raised 5 children and bought toys for them and my 13 grandchildren, I feel I am very capable to determine the suitability, play-ability, and last-ability of a toy. This little yellow school bus made by VTech is a Letter Sounds Learning Bus. It is only $14.99 and the sound is superb. The design is appealing and workable. I think a child will delight to play with this and won't even be away that it is a great tool for teaching him or her. I plan to purchase this for one of my little one's gifts this year. I found this product at Radio Shack but it is most likely available at other locations.