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  • Kcalcote By  Kcalcote    

    Love this juice

    We absolutely love this juice. We buy it every week and every time that we enter the grocery store. Has a smooth flavor mix as well as other things for like smoothies breakfast drinks for the kids, etc. Love to recommend this to our friends to try their kids as well. ?I received a free sample of Tampax to try from SheSpeaks and the following are my own opinions.?

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  • Amusesings By  Amusesings    

    It's good if you like your drinks sweet. I'm not a fruit punch kind of girl, but hey it is an easy way to get fruit and veggie goodness down picky eaters!

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  • amandam87 By  amandam87    

    I personally dont drink this, But my son loves this stuff. He is pretty picky about his drinks!

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    This is a great drink that is healthy and thirst-quenching. I also like it when I want something sweet but healthy too.

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  • turtletapp By  turtletapp    

    my kids love this!

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  • kreiter By  kreiter    

    YUMMY!!! Kind of sweet, so not sure how truly great they are, but definitely better than artificial sweeteners in most juices like Minute Maid or frozen juices. Love the Berry Blast!

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  • brutuspuff By  brutuspuff    

    it's quite good, I like it

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  • Suchitra By  Suchitra    

    We bought this recently and did nt really enjoy the taste.. Plus it is too sugary.. We are great fans of the Naked juice and would prefer paying more to buy a natural drink..

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    I like add this in my fruit and veggie smoothies.

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  • alwaysinl0v3 By  alwaysinl0v3    

    Better than the regular V8 juice and has a great fruit taste

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  • jam_i209 By  jam_i209    

    I was surprised at how good this actually tasted. It is a little on the sweet side for my taste, so I add some water to it.

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  • ssttaarr By  ssttaarr    

    V8 is a very yummy.drink my kids.and i love.it.

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  • Verudiaz By  Verudiaz    

    Tha's all I have in my fridge, love the juice, have less sugar than other juices and is very refreshing.

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  • windyjennies By  windyjennies    


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  • Audi777 By  Audi777    

    It's little healthy but I am not a big fan of V8

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