V8 Low Sodium Vegetable Juice

V8 Low Sodium Vegetable Juice

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The taste is different than that of the original version, but having decrease my sodium intake, I find this more palatable.

I am not usually a big fan of V8, but I do like the low sodium version in a bloody mary!

I agree, definitely a let down. :(

When I buy V8 anymore, the low sodium kind is all I buy. I try to buy things that have less sodium in them. I love this product and I don't find it at all bland, it's just not salty. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to the orginal V8, I would definitely try the one with low sodium. It is yummy!

I love the low sodium version, probably because I don't cook with salt. I think it tastes like V8 without it being a salt-lick. I buy this stuff in cases because I find it convenient to travel with since I can drink it cold or room temperature. I love it in bloody marys too. :-)

I was very disappointed with this juice. I do not like the flavor at all. It definitely tastes watered-down compared to the original V8, although the ingredients are the same. I enjoy the original V8, but I always wash this low sodium version down with a few gulps of water! So, in my opinion it's not worth the money.