V Tech V Reader

V Tech V Reader

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We have 2 V readers both in PINK and several books we use rechargeable batteries but wish it came with a lithium batterie. It has many accessories like a protective carrying case. My girls love them.

My daughter absolutely loves her V Reader. The stories are engaging and she loves playing around with the characters to see what they'll do. They have a great variety of stories you can download online or purchase in the stores. They also have a photo gallery where you can upload photos of your family. She loves using the art gallery to draw on the photos. I usually leave the v reader in the car so that she can play with it when we're out running errands or when I want to keep her occupied at the grocery store or doctor's office. It's a great learning tool to help to develop your toddlers mind.

A great product for children just learning to read! My daughter has one and is enjoying it! My only issue is that you need to purchase individual books (at a high price) and switch back and forth between them. They started selling online books but you need to purchase an SD card to save them on the device. A bit pricey. The keyboard isn't really there for more than punching in your name. I wish there were more activites to type as there is a full keyboard!

While I think this product is great for beginning readers, there are a few major flaws. The first is that this product takes 4 AA batteries which last about 3 days. An adapter is needed. Secondly, I have returned two V readers so far. The first went into Engineering Mode. I looked this up online, and found that other people had the same problem. I contacted V Tech. They were happy to replace the reader. I had to shell out money for the return postage though. They were very helpful and did not question the fact I had no receipt. The second reader went out as well. This time it wanted to orient the touchpad. I tried to follow the directions on the screen, but it kept orienting the touchpad backwards. Again, V Tech was happy to replace the reader. My third reader is in the mail right now. I did not have to pay postage this time. I hope that this one will work because my daughter is anxiously waiting to play with it. I will wait on recommending this product until we can properly use it.