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V Tech MobiGo

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Educational toy that kids enjoy My four year old loves her VTech MobiGo. Perfect for road trips or just screen time at home. She has shown great improvement in her learning and I feel great knowing she can learn from something that doesn't have the internet and all the dangers that come with it

My son love his mobigo. The games are great, both educational and fun. This is a good way to entertain your child while taking long drives in the car.

My 4 year old loves the Vtech Mobigo. My father was fighting a terminal disease and we were in doctor offices, hospitals and treatments alot as well as doing full time in home care. We had no choice but to take her to a lot of these appointments. We spent a lot of time and money trying to find things to keep her busy while not rotting her brain. The Vtech Mobbigo was the perfect solution. I noticed just 2 days in that she was able to do some mathematics that she never knew before as well as recognizing more letters by site and sounds. it was a life saver at a very critical time in our lives. The situation has changed and we no longer have all the appointments and she still loves to play it. They games are very fun, exciting and educational for her. There are a wide selection of games available and the batteries last a long time. there are a lot of accessories available as well. This is a wonderful toy.

my son & daughter both love this. I love how you can track their progress. it's not just games- i see that they really are learning from this. Plus my older one will stop to help her little brother master a game

This is a great toy, my grandson loves it, he brings it every place he goes. It is so easy for the little guy to figure out.

this was the top toy in our house for a long time. It's been sharing the spotlight with the 4 yo's inherited DS but is still well loved. The game selection is great and while we haven't had to purchase many we know that once she gets bored their will still be plenty of characters that she likes. An investment into your child's fun while learning for sure!

My 4 year old boy brings his MobiGo everywhere. It is perfect for keeping him quiet and entertained in restaurants, stores, and church. We bought headphones for him to use with it so it is not distracting to others. I love how easy, fun, and educational it is for him.

My daughter just got this for her 4th birthday!! She loves it because she thinks it is her own computer. It is amazing how much she is picking up on the words and alphabet. It amazes me what she will know how to spell or what letters she remembers. It is a great travel companion as well. It is probably the best children learning toy I have seen. The only thing that is frustrating is that there are not many games and they can sometimes be hard to find anywhere excpet online. Also get the wall and car adapter or you will spend a lot of money on batteries!

Bought this for my 3 year old son and he loves it!

My three year old got this for his birthday and has been playing with it for about a month now. It is a great learning toy. Being an active boy and into video games, this was perfect for him as he feels like he is playing video games but is really learning. I love that it all has an educational tie and I love that the keyboard is set up the same way a computer one is set up. I recommend this 110% to anyone thinking about getting one.

This particular toy was on display at our local Walmart in the toy department and my 3 year old would not budge from it (so guess what he is getting this Christmas?!?). There is a large selection of games to be purchased separately for different age groups, which makes this toy able to be enjoyed for quite some time. And that is one thing I think about before purchasing a toy, "I wonder how long he's gonna play with this one...?" No worries with this toy! While my two older children are playing with their "portable entertaining joys of fun" my 3 year old can be playing his Vtech MobiGo...hopefully then he will lose interest in his older sibilings expensive devices...maybe I shouldn't wait until Christmas!!! :)

This is such a great product for learning and it is also alot of fun. Your child will get alot of enjoyment out of this