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  • Jbeard1987 By  Jbeard1987    

    Bad smell

    Not the worse mascara I?ve ever used, but I wouldn?t repurchase. Very wet and smelled strongly like mud or clay.

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  • Britvanityxo By  Britvanityxo    

    If you want long beautiful lashes, BUY!

    First off I am big on packaging and let me start off by saying that I love the rainbow iridescent color of the mascara. This mascara did a wonderful job at giving my lashes a nice curl to them while lengthening them as well. I did the 24 hour wear test and the lashes did not fall down through the day or night which Is always what gives me the last step in my decision in knowing if this was actually going to be a great product or not. My conclusion is that this is an awesome new product that Urban Decay has came out with and I will be repurchasing once this tube is empty!

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  • vegancouture_ By  vegancouture_    

    LASHES for DAYS!!!

    I have long lashes to begin with and this mascara makes my eyes SOOOOOOO sexy!!! seriously the best mascara ive ever used.

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  • WhatLizLikes By  WhatLizLikes    

    Great Mascara

    I absolutely loved this mascara and I used it every day until I tried Urban Decay?s ?Persuation? and loved that even more because it had a tendency to stay on longer, even through workouts and over 12 hours.

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  • Astroash25 By  Astroash25    

    Luscious long lashes

    No clumping and no need to reapply for a full volume look. Definately prefer mascara over false lashes and this is a great product.

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Va Va Volume

    I love this mascara! It gives my lashes extra volume! They look longer and thicker! It doesn?t clump either!

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  • denovot By  denovot    

    Don't believe the hype...

    For a mid-range brand I expect more from my mascara. It's not terrible, but there's nothing you can't get from the drug store with this, in fact there are drug store mascara's that out perform this entirely. Beware, if you blink while its still wet, it will burn- BAD. It also has a strong chemically scent.

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  • tabithacaldwell94 By  tabithacaldwell94    

    I love this. It doesn?t clump up and it?s easy for me to use.

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  • tlynn8 By  tlynn8    

    its... OK.

    this is definitely not my favorite mascara. i've tried a lot worse that literally did NOTHING for my lashes, and i have long lashes. this fades off my lashes semi fast,but keeps just enough. but i have to layer it on my lashes and go very slowly stroking my lashes. its not horrible, but i have other mascaras that do way more for me personally.

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  • TheNayli22 By  TheNayli22    

    Awesome mascara

    I received a sample of the Urban Decay Trouble Maker Mascara in the mail today. I got long and sexy lashes from the first coat. The brush is very well made, the bristles are long and short excellent at reaching all of the lashes in just one coating. The mascara last all day, it made my lashes look fuller and longer. I will definitely be buying this mascara soon. The best product I have ever used.

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