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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    I love Urban Decay Naked Palette. It has great colors and long lasting

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  • Momicorn By  Momicorn    

    Amazing! I definitely recommend this palette

    I absolutely love the entire Urban Decay Naked palette line! The shadows are very pigmented. It doesn?t fall. Stays right where it is supposed to. The Naked palettes were my introduction to prestige eyeshadows and they remain one of my favorites.

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  • MollyParnis By  MollyParnis    

    Perfect Basic Shadow Palette

    Classic basic, I use this everday for a natural and prety look. Lots of subtle shades and no "wasted" hard to use colors.

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  • Trudy13 By  Trudy13    

    Love mine

    I love my palette. The colors are nice and they last during work hours.

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  • Brookep696 By  Brookep696    


    This is such a staple palette. It was my very first makeup palette in high school, it was so nice for a beginning user. I still adore this palette (I?ve bought a new one).

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  • 20manderz08 By  20manderz08    

    Great colors

    my favorite eye shadow palette. so easy to use and the colors go so well together. this is a more high end product so you will be spending more. I found mine at Sephora.

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  • JCpvd616 By  JCpvd616    

    My goto Palette!

    This is my absolutely favorite makeup Palette by Urban Decay. I love all the colors and the quality of the well pigmented shadows are definitely top notch!

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  • Tessakerecman By  Tessakerecman    

    Top pigmented palette I've used ! Beauty Must Buy

    Some amazingly pigmented colors that give a natural or bold look depending on your color of choice (and there are many to choose from) . Enough product to last a long time and I never had any problems with breakage of the shadow so I'm very happy with my purchase !

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  • Abbadabbs By  Abbadabbs    

    One of the best

    One of my all time favorite palettes. I bought another one after they said they were discontinuing it. Such a staple and a palette everyone should have in their collection.

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  • QueenBDiaries By  QueenBDiaries    

    My sister has this pallet and I love it! The colors are amazing and pigmented perfectly. The application is easy and it sits weightless on your face. So I can wear 50 lbs of make-up without feeling like it.

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  • ecd103 By  ecd103    

    Make up

    The colors are beautifully pigmented, and long-lasting. The only complaint I ever have with Naked pallets is the propensity for the tins to fall out of the holder and shatter everywhere, because the glue isn't strong enough.

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  • Raabdebbie2019 By  Raabdebbie2019    

    Naked everydayyy

    Naked never lets me down! These colors are exactly what you see. No fall off and the colors are so pigmented. The price is well marked and the packaging is as always the cutest! I just bought 8 for babyshower gifts for my sister!! Love love love this!

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  • ladydai By  ladydai    

    sparkling eyes

    Great colors and they always look good in the case, the problem sometimes come when the look faded on some skin colors. Yes there are ways around that to wet it. You don't want to destroy your beautiful shadows though. rea

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  • hihihi By  hihihi    


    such wonderful colors, i highly recommend this. its expensive though

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  • pbdkari By  pbdkari    

    The best Palette that was Created

    My most favorite eyeshadow palette in the whole entire world. I first began learning how to put makeup on using my Urban Decay Naked Palette. Now, as of November 2018, they are phasing them out and they have stopped manufacturing of them already. I?m buying them up whenever I can to last me as long as I can post production. I love this palette specifically because the colors are so neutral and colors that any outfit would match. They are so blendable with my other color palettes. The application is so easy and smooth and the eyeshadow is so quality that when you use your primer first, your eyeshadow will last all day with no creasing. I?m so sad that they?ve stopped making them but they will live forever on in pictures of my eyes.

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