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  • alpurrt By  alpurrt    

    One of my favorite eyeshadows

    I love Urban Decay's shimmer eyeshadows, especially this color as its super versatile!

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  • princesspam By  princesspam    

    I love all of Urban Decay's eye shadows. I have tried this color and it is great! You can use it with any other colors and it has great pigment!

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love this eyeshadow.

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  • Aantonelli1 By  Aantonelli1    

    I love this color as much as Urban Decay and their brilliant line of shadows. This color is beautiful as it can be wore alone for a nice subtle wash of color, or as contrast color for more of a involved look. Love it's ability to blend out and the sparkle is too pretty.

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  • nursekjp By  nursekjp    

    I rarely wear eyeshadows with chunky glitter but this has always been by favorite, especially with a smokey eye. Some glitter "fallout" which is much improved when used with a primer.

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  • mackeniem26 By  mackeniem26    

    It was strange on my skin tone, but maybe it would be nice for someone else.

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  • blossoms By  blossoms    

    In addition to using this as an eye shadow, I also use this on the corner of my eyes to give them a "pop". I have used this color in many different ways, and my favorite it actually as a cheek brightner!

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  • ylucas19 By  ylucas19    

    this is one of my favorite eye shadows that i wear as a highlight and it can go with alot of different colors...it is also urban decay which i love!

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    Love the sparkle this shadow provides. It very pretty and the beige color goes with everything.

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  • jldreyer By  jldreyer    

    This is my all-time, absolute favorite eyeshadow! If you're a fan of sparkles, this eyeshadow is for you. I've received many compliments on this shadow, so I thought I'd share it with Shespeaks. it's a beige color with TONS of silver glitter. I usually line my eyes in a colored liner, then sweep the shadow over my whole eyelid, to give it a different look every day. If tons of sparkles seem just a bit much, urban decay also offers Midnight Cowgirl ("golden beige with gold micro-glitter") or Midnight Cowboy ("beige with silver glitter"). The shadows are $17 each, but I believe they're well worth the price. The shadows are very long lasting... no touch-ups needed. You can purchase Urban Decay eyeshadows at Sephora or Sephora.com.

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