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  • SuziSkaann By  SuziSkaann    

    Pretty Eyes

    I recently started using these Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils and I am obsessed. They apply so easy, they have such rich and bold colors, and they last all day. I enjoy eye make-up although I am no pro at applying, and these eye pencils really help make it fun to experiment with fun colors and styles. LOVE!

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  • Missi08 By  Missi08    

    Amazing eyeliners!!

    I love this product! They glide-on just as the name suggests! I bought a few of them through the years and just keep coming back to them. they work amazing as just regular eyeliner and you can even use them in your waterline of your eyes! They really are amazing! Urban decay is always worth the money because you get your money worth every time!

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  • chaitrasbhat By  chaitrasbhat    

    Would Definitely recommend the product!

    I bought this in Black and use it to line the waterline. Staying power in Upper waterline is really good. Nearly 6+ hours. So Far Loving this. Would Definitely recommend the product! Disclaimer- Be careful when you sharpen the pencils. These are really soft.

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  • Friesgirl By  Friesgirl    

    has a ton of colors and glides on smoothly the problem is it doesn't stay long on my eyes and turns me into a panda. Has great pigment so I think touching it up isn't so bad.

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  • brodiegirl87 By  brodiegirl87    

    Love these eye liners very pigmented I wear all day and they don't budge or smear I love the color combo also totally recommend!!

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  • mystienyght By  mystienyght    

    This is a fun, interesting way to find, or eliminate, eyeliners for your makeup bag! You get a feel whether you like pencils, crayons or wet liners, plus you can see how a variety of colors look, too. The ones you don't want, you can give to friends who may love them. I recommend it! Pricey!!

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  • angee_420 By  angee_420    

    I really fell in love with these the moment I used it they go on so smoothly the colors are very pretty as well

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  • Yassssy By  Yassssy    

    The product was named correctly it does last (for me) for 24 hours lol ( more like 12 since i do sleep) the color could have been more pigmented but the rich formula makes up for that! Worth the money urban Decay never fails.

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  • ruffk1 By  ruffk1    

    Awesome pencil. Great selection-So many interesting and uniques colors! Pricey, but that is to be expected with the brand and quality.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I have a few and so far so good.

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  • ecosta15 By  ecosta15    

    very smooth pencils that last all day

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  • MrsJage By  MrsJage    

    This product glides on so smooth. Easy to apply. Best for upper lid as bottom waterline tends to run.

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  • iheartkaylaaa18 By  iheartkaylaaa18    

    This product is very good, I really like how it easily glides on and stays all day. These are some of the best eye linervpecils I have used in a long time

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  • Aantonelli1 By  Aantonelli1    

    I am a huge Urban fan so my review is no surprise. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. I love that you can smudge the colors out or leave them in a bold line. The white color is awesome for your waterline to give you that bright, doll eye look.

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  • ddazee By  ddazee    

    These are my favorite pencil eyeliners to date. The range of colors is amazing, their lasting power is nice, and the texture is so nice and creamy that they just glide on the lids with no tugging. At $19 a pop they're not exactly cheap. I've tried eyeliner pencils from Milani that compare nicely to these at a fraction of the cost, but they don't have nearly the same range of colors. For what it's worth, these are also the only eyeliners that a few of my friends with sensitive eyes can use, because it doesn't irritate them. Every few months or so, Urban Decay puts out some eyeliner sets which makes stocking up on these more economical. I love these and will keep using them as long as they keep making them,

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