Up in The Air Movie

Up in The Air Movie

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it was ok

I think it was a very realistic movie for our times, when our focus on work blinds our perception of reality.

Very timely movie. Captured what was (and still is) going on in the country with a lot of companies, employees and employers.

This movie was very realistic from all angles, especially the romantic one. It showcases how love is a very tricky thing because it hits you when you least expect and may not be ready for it. The scary part about it is that you may end up falling for someone who, you later find out, is not what they appear to be. I think it offers a good parallel to true life romance as well as the economic storyline. I enjoyed it.

my husband travels a lot and this movie hit home. It has romance and disappointment at the same time. WE really enjoyed this movie and would watch it again this v-day. great character portrayl.

the constant camera movement of this film was gave it a really good feeling, it was depressing but i think its a good thing to be so moved by a film.

Didn't really care for this movie. It was kind of slow and didn't hold my interest.

It was ok. Not much action.

It is a very delicate subject portrayed beautifully in the movie...clooney and Anna Kendrick are great in the movie!

I didn't really care for the movie. It was depressing.

In a timely way, Up in the Air portrays the issues not as a comedy but as true as life can be. It delivers a perfect mix of humor, satire and underplayed drama and is what hollywood should be doing. Its a timeless movie that will be watched for years to come.