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  • Zarinna By  Zarinna    

    I love how my face feels as soon as I rinse off this scrub, it leaves my skin soft and clean, nice apricot scent.

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  • nikki031 By  nikki031    

    I only use this product once to twice a month because it can be very drying. It does a great job exfoliating and leaving my skin soft and looking fresh.

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  • dreapress By  dreapress    

    I love this facial scrub! It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean. It also has such a subtle, comforting scent.

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  • elvshots_reviews By  elvshots_reviews    

    This works just as well as the name brand and it's cheaper- you can't go wrong right?! It helps to keep my break outs at bay and clear out my blackheads. My skin is brighter and smoother with this scrub as well. I love that you can find it at your local Walmart and it's a price that won't break the bank.

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  • Zoraiya By  Zoraiya    

    Not only did it dry out my skin, it was too rough and did nothing but leave me looking like I had road rash. Cheap for a reason. I'd do more research into what's good for your skin instead of jumping straight to this.

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  • BritniLeeann By  BritniLeeann    

    Great product, I've always used scrubs but this is the best to me. It minimizes pores & makes your skin feel really clean not to mention how soft your skin is afterwards.

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  • chirpyswati By  chirpyswati    

    great product in this range. effective on blackheads. makes skin softer.

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  • PrincessV By  PrincessV    

    Did not like it, I tried it aside from the St. Ives that I always use. It dried out my skin and it made me break out.

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    Simply put - it works!

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  • fixedcrystal By  fixedcrystal    

    My family swears by this stuff. We have tried out different facial cleansers from time to time, but always have come back to this one because it cleanses without drying out our skin.

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    St. Ives has helped me maintain my smooth skin for years. The results from using their products are amazing. They don't dry out my skin nor clog my pores.

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  • jennylb By  jennylb    

    Great product from Target. Excellent price and it actually works!

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  • Louisa By  Louisa    

    I was very surprised with the quality of the Target brands; and the price point is excellent! I purchased this product during the winter months to exfoliate and was very happy with the results. Did not irritate my sensitive skin! I would highly recommend!

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  • jennawall By  jennawall    

    I love the up & up bargin product of the st. ives line works just as good if not better

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  • araina By  araina    

    Buy it all the time at target love scrbs

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