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  • sassyladyLS By  sassyladyLS    

    interesting movie

    I thought this was a good movie, i liked seeing Denzel washington in a different light as a ordinary person faced with a difficult decision. it was interesting learning all these cool facts about truing and how they work.

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  • LeanettaScott By  LeanettaScott    

    Edge of your seat flick

    This is a movie for the ages Chris Pine and Denzel Washington in this heartstopping flick. You never knew what was going to happen next and if they would even live the way that train was going.

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  • mzcheetah By  mzcheetah    

    If you're looking for an action packed movie with a great cast and story line, then you've definitely found it with Unstoppable. It had me on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding and fists clenched. For me, this movie is highly recommended. I saw it when I checked it out of my library, but will likely be buying it soon.

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  • roenicklover By  roenicklover    

    this is an awesome movie, pulse pounding and intense. i loved it and u can't go wrong with sexy chris pine.

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  • gapeach021982 By  gapeach021982    

    A great movie! Very suspenseful and tense

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  • Racingchik44 By  Racingchik44    

    This was a good movie. I loved all of the action in it and stayed on the tip of my chair through the whole movie.

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  • zoethegreat By  zoethegreat    

    This was enjoyable, but not much more. Interesting story, decent cast, and Denzel is always fun to watch. A by-the-numbers thriller.

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