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  • CTCarra By  CTCarra    

    I like that its not loaded with all the artificial flavors, dyes, tons of sugar like the candy bars we are used to . It definitely has a different taste. I really enjoyed the peanut butter cups , the peanut butter was more rich. I felt like I could take a few bites and actually enjoy where the ones we are used to I just gobble up.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Very good Unjunked candy. Love the Gimme Ones (likes m&ms) and my kids just love them too! The Loaded One (like snickers) is too die for, better than snickers. Did not care for the The double one (like reese's peanut butter cups) but then again nobody can out do Reese's healthy or not! I find these at Target and Stop & Shop and much rather buy these than m&m's or snickers.

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  • noellenyny8403 By  noellenyny8403    

    I like the idea of a candy without all the junk but the variety i tried (Reese type) just wasn't good. I'd rather have the real thing. These are actually sold at the dollar store in my area by pack now.

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  • krystlbear By  krystlbear    

    The only ones that I really like are the ones compared to a "milky way" and "snickers". I can tell the difference but it's not bad.

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  • amykathleen2005 By  amykathleen2005    

    Not bad. Definitely a different taste then standard candy, and in many cases it is healthier in one area but not so much in another. Still if that is your thing, then they are pretty good.

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  • artist2009 By  artist2009    

    Decent. But, not my favorite. Im a candy-o-holic. Yes, thats right. And these, didn't do me justice. At.All.

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  • Mokoreanswifee By  Mokoreanswifee    

    Tried these and they aren't bad just hard to find. They sell in CVS but that's it in my area. :(

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  • shoppingnut505 By  shoppingnut505    

    Not a big fan of the taste and there seemed to be a after taste left in your mouth as well.

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  • victoria8310 By  victoria8310    

    I was able to sample these. They taste so good. They are good for everyone because it is UNJUNKED... punt intended lol.

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  • kymnasium By  kymnasium    

    I love this candy it's still candy but with much better ingredients, i like they don't use high fructose or corn syrups the coloring in the candy is from real fruits & veggies. Alittle expensive but its good stuff and hey your body is worth it.

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  • jesusislove1234 By  jesusislove1234    

    oh i love these candy its not too chocolaty nor buttery for m and ms and reeses

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  • HappyKat101 By  HappyKat101    

    These are so good! I tried all of them. My favorite was the ones that were like regular m&ms and my second favorite was the peanut m&m-like ones, 3rd favorite was the Carmel nugate bar. the only one I didn't like was the one that was supposed to be like the reeces peanut butter cups. They were kind of gross. The chocolate had a weird, grain-like texture, and the peanut butter was just terrible, it tasted cheap and like there were lots of added chemicals in it. But over all, I loved most of their candies and I love the fact that it is better for you than other candies, but it still tastes good!

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  • Loren86 By  Loren86    

    These are ok I tried these a couple of days ago I had the "snickers" kind it was ok it didn't have enough nuts in it for me.

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  • samhia By  samhia    

    I have tasted the choc covered peanuts and was impressed with how good they tasted. They are a different taste then what we are used to compared with other choc covered peanuts, but with no artificial colors, corn syrup, or preservatives, it's worth it. I want more right now!

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  • Magda2977 By  Magda2977    

    they are ok but they taste like protein bars

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