Unilever Degree Motionsense Berry Cool

Unilever Degree Motionsense Berry Cool

              Rated #3 in Deodorant
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95% Recommended
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Great Product! Love this deodarant! Keeps me dry all day!!! The smell is also amazing!

Degree Motionsense Deodorant I like this scent especially during the summer. It smells clean and fresh. It's non irritating as well.

Top Top fave & go to picks! The scents are amazing & last literally all day long (even when sometimes you might have started to smell a hint of sweat odor , you can still smell the pleasant deodorant scent still lingering. Makes me feel fresh longer than most other brands so obviously I don't often feel the need to reapply as often throughout the day as most other brands either .

Pass It's the scent that got me. It's just not a flattering scent. I do like the antiperspirant aspect and it kept me mostly dry.

Really Nice Odor Control I liked how this worked. The scent was really nice. I got the odor control I desired. It was overall a product I would use again and again.

Smells awesome! #Degree motion sense berry cool kept me fresh all day. I have been using degree deodorant for years. I use it when I work out at the gym. I love that I can smell it all day. I highly recommend this brand.

This deodorant did not work super well. It also made my clothes smell worse at the end of the day than my sweat did.

Smells great This has a great long lasting scent! It keeps you dry all day.

She's seen worse She gets the job done. Honestly, it works like any average deodorant; it can get clumpy if you apply too much and it lasts a decent amount of time, but don't expect it to last 12 hours if you're exercising.

This item smells very nice and dilutes the smell of your oder.

Kept me feeling fresh during my 10 hour server shift

I love the scent I tried Degree Women Deodorant before, but MotionSense Antipespirant is awesome. The smell is really good make me feel clean and fresh. I can wear all day and feeling fresh. I received this product complimentary from Crowdtap but all opinion is my own.

5 Stars I have tried to find the perfect deodorant for years! Degree with MotionSense fits the bill. It withstands a 105* NYC classroom and still lets me smell like a pretty flower instead of the smelly mess I am! Love it!

Degree is awesome and a lot better then suave, i haven't have this scent but I'm pretty sure it smells great.

great product. would use and recommend highly to everyone and anyone needing a better deodorant. way to go . highly recommend