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  • Stephyycakess24 By  Stephyycakess24    

    i love this movie!!! 100% recommend it. great actors.. (:

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    LOVE THIS MOVIE. It gives you the whole back story to the first one. You discover a lot about the motivations and actions of people in the first movie by watching this one

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  • mom4one By  mom4one    

    I am a huge fan of this series. Every entertaining. Nicely written. I even named my daughter from the main female heroine of this movie. =)

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  • Krissy78 By  Krissy78    

    I'm a big fan of these movies and own all if them.

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  • Tabitha28 By  Tabitha28    

    I have seen every single movie in this series and own every one!! One of my all time favorites! I could watch it multiple times and not get tired of it!

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  • Cmbouch By  Cmbouch    

    I've seen every single movie in this series, and I have to say that this one was my favorite. Hands down, the best of the series.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    I love the underworld series and this one did not disappoint.

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  • begemot By  begemot    

    It was sad that Kate Beckinsale was not there, but Rhona Mitra was a nice substitute. I like dark mythological creatures like vampires and werewolves, mystical gothic atmosphere and tales about forbidden love? It was an interesting story and the special effects were really good.

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  • roenicklover By  roenicklover    

    i love the underworld series, i was upset that kate beckinsale was not in this one but it was still a good movie

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  • crysmas By  crysmas    

    enjoyed this movie as well as the whole series.

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  • braydensmom By  braydensmom    

    This review just made me want to go rent it. I LOVED the first one, 2nd one was ok but have never seen this one.

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  • oneangelsmiles By  oneangelsmiles    

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is an American film released January 23, 2009. It is the third installment in the Underworld series, focusing primarily on the origins of some characters and the events leading to the Vampire-Lycan war. The film tells the story of Lucian (Michael Sheen), the first werewolf able to take human form and to be called a Lycan. Viktor (Bill Nighy), a ruthless elder vampire, takes him home after killing his werewolf mother. Viktor envisions a race of werewolf slaves for his clan that could keep guard during the day and toil for the vampires. As Lucian grows up, he and Viktor's young daughter Sonja (Rhona Mitra) develop a mutual attraction and become lovers. Viktor has a relationship with the humans of the area; he protects them from the werewolves that roam the countryside in exchange for a tithe. And that's just the beginning.

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