Understanding Mommy Madness

   By FDTorres  Nov 30, 2016

This post originally appeared on Motherhood Through My Eyes.

Stepping into the wonderful world of being a mommy means finding sanity in the simple things. I should know, I’ve gone from wanting to take on the world, to learning how to conquer each day at a time.

I won’t tell you that I’ve got this whole mommy-ing thing under control because I don’t. I have yet to find someone who really does.

Most of my parenting tricks have come from watching my mom throughout the years. She’s always been strong, but there were moments I questioned her sanity.

And today I question my own.

Turns out, many of us moms are suffering from “mommy madness”. Below are four things moms do that some people would consider crazy:

We start projects and have to put them aside.
I remember the mountain of clean laundry my mother would create on her bed, only to be put to the side during bedtime.

We are always tired and are typically the last to get into bed. 
My mom falls asleep just about anywhere and everywhere. Our family would always joke about how tired she was and how you couldn’t call her after 5pm because she would be falling asleep on the phone with you. They’d tell her to go to sleep but she’d refuse, saying she had a lot of things to do before bed.

We eat last. 
My mother never really sat down to eat her meals. She was always serving everyone and ate after everyone had eaten. I always thought that was strange, and yet, I do this today.

We don’t always pamper ourselves. 
Growing up, I would go to the salon with my mom once a week. It was easier for my mom who knew very little about managing curly hair to have someone else tame my mess. I thought it was silly how my mom would always fall asleep as they were blow-drying her hair and would tie it soon after the hairstylist was done. Her excuse, she didn’t like her hair in her face. Guess what I do today? As soon as I finish blow-drying my hair I put it in a top bun. To my defense, doing so creates natural waves.

Overcoming The Madness
You can really drive yourself insane thinking about the different things on your To-Do list that have yet to be crossed out. Believe me, I’ve lost sleep over this. With time you learn there are more important things than picking up the toys from the floor or folding laundry. You have forever to worry about cleaning up. What you don’t have is the same time with your little ones.

Kids grow up way too fast. I still remember the first time we brought our firstborn from the hospital like it was just yesterday. I even recall all the emotions I felt when I held him in my arms for the first time. The best part about being a parent is going through childhood all over again, through their eyes. Devote your time to being better not only for yourself but for those tiny eyes who are always watching.

Who knows, you may inspire greatness.

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shellbell1228 by shellbell1228 | OMAK, WA
Dec 21, 2016

Beautiful article and spot on. I agree that moms tend to eat last. I was raised that way and I notice I do the same thing as well. Thanks for sharing!