Uncle Goose  Classic Alphabet Blocks

Uncle Goose Classic Alphabet Blocks

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We love our wooden blocks. It gives us an opportunity to teach our daughter letters, how to stack, bang them together, and also words that go along with the letters.

Alphabet blocks are one of my son's favorite things to play with. The are timeless toys. He has played with them for hours at a time. At times he will play with the blocks before anything else.

love them when i was younger love them still

We love these blocks, and I'd like to think that they contributed to my girls' knowledge of letters. On a side note... watch out if your kids miss one when they're put away... step on one and you'll want to curse up a storm! hahaha

My son loves this keep him entertain for hours!

My two year old granddaughter loves to play with blocks. Plain wooden stacking blocks. And these are absolutely beautiful. They are made in the US and come in different languages. They are absolutely beautiful and look as if each one is hand-made. I will be buying some of these for my granddaughter for Christmas this year and I highly recommend everyone with a baby or toddler should review them and buy them.