Ultra Pet Ultra Micro Crystals

Ultra Pet Ultra Micro Crystals

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No more smelly, ammonia-filled clumping clay litter for me! These bad boys are fine like sand so they don't get caught in my cat's fur or pads so there's minimal litter tracking from his box. The silica crystals absorb moisture so there's literally no ...ahem... pee! It also absorbs moisture from the feces as well so they end up like little rocks making it SO much easier for clean up. One bag+One cat=One month with this litter. Seriously. One bag!! All you do is scoop the poop and stir the litter around to refreshen it. It will totally last a month and it doesn't' smell! I get mine at Shoprite and though it may be more, it does go on sale! *TIP* Cut out the UPC code, save six, send them in to the company, and you'll get a coupon for a free bag!! Cha-ching! I love saving money :)