Uglee Pen Ergonmic Pen

Uglee Pen Ergonmic Pen

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Disclaimer: I have received this product for review purposes only. I have in no way been paid for my opinion. My opinion and thoughts are that of my own. I recently received the Ultimate Grip UGLee Pen invented by Dr. James Lee for review. It's touted as the world's most comfortable ergonomic pen. My initial reaction was one of amusement; I thought to myself at least the name fits. You can't see comfort. To date it is the ugliest pen I have ever seen, however it wasn't designed to win beauty pageants. The UGLee Pen was designed for comfort and it delivers. Whether you write all day or less than 5 minutes, you'll be able to do so without cramping or strain. There is no denying that the UGLee Pen will help reduce hand fatigue. It is extremely lightweight (it weighs less than half an ounce) and the gel-like grip around the barrel seems to conform to your hand. I'm a digital girl that ?writes? only a few times a week so I'm no power user. Since I received 3 pens, I enlisted my husband to help me put the UGLee Pen to the test. He works a 12 hour shift and at times in extreme conditions where the internal temperature of the generating station might register as high as 120 degrees. Although he found the UGLee Pen to be comfortable, he thought the lightweight construction was too flimsy. After several hours of use, the gel-like grip around the barrel became irritatingly pliable and the ink quality was poor, not only does it skip, it leaks. We assume it was due to the heat in his work environment as the other pens have remained unchanged. However those pens have not been used as often. So here's the ugly on the UGLee Pen: Retractable Sold in Packs of 3 for $19.99~ you can choose from 7 barrel colors Smooth black ink is standard Refillable~ ink refills are available in additional colors (red, blue, black) Can also be purchased on Amazon Product has been featured on The Doctors television show Overall, I feel the UGLee Pen might benefit someone who experiences pain and discomfort when writing, suffers from hand cramps and fatigue, ailments such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It might be helpful to students who experience strain when writing for long periods of time. Personally, I know in elementary school, I would have enjoyed writing I Will Not Talk When the Teacher Is Talking (500 times) a lot more using an UGLee Pen rather than a Bic Roller. I'm Just Sayin??(Damn!) I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

The Uglee ink pen is an ergonomic ball point pen created by Dr. James Lee. I was given a few of these pens to review. The Uglee pens are by far my favorite pen. The grip on the Uglee pen is soft and squishy, and does not slip when you're writing. I get alot of hand cramps when I write but not anymore. It is helpful to people who experience pain and discomfort when writing. Those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome need this pen. My only complaint is that it is a hair and dust magnet.

No ? it's not an Ugly pen ? it's UGLee Ergonomic Pen ? as in Ultimate Gel grip and made by Dr. Lee. It's anything but ugly. I've had it on my desk all week, testing and using it. My kids have all come in, asking to play with it and wanting it to write. The UGLee pen unique appearance isn't just to be eye catching, though. Dr. Lee, a physician with an MD from Stanford and BS from Yale University, experienced severe hand fatigue in his college days. Dr. Lee averaged 20 full pages of hand-written notes a day and was frustrated with his attempts to find a comfortable writing instrument ? and so developed this ergonomic pen. The lightweight UGLee Ergonomic pen weighs in at less than half an ounce so you spend less energy moving the pen around on the paper. The contoured grip provides ?give?, unlike a traditional pen, making the UGLee Ergonomic pen one of the easier pens to hold. The UGlee Pen's ink flows smoothly on the paper, so you do not have to hold it as tightly. I do a lot of writing in my profession, so I really do appreciate a good pen. In addition to my own personal office, this would make a good pen for the kids with lots of writing homework. The UGLee Pen comes in a variety of colors so we can keep track of whose pen is whose and each child can have their own, unique pen. The UGLee Ergonomic pen is also recommended for children developing fine motor skills and learning how to write, or for children like my son. He is autistic and has Dysgraphia, making it difficult for him to hold and maneuver a pen around. After much therapy, he can now hold a pen and write ? but his handwriting is difficult to read at best. I am going to give him one of mine to see if it makes a difference.

I was sent one of these pens to try and they are amazing. They are so ergonomic and comfortable to write with. I have to say its the best pen I have ever used. They are made by a doctor who took xrays of his hands to study the curvature of the bones in order to make them the delight that they are. Once you try these, you will not want to use a regular pen again.