Udderly Smooth Body Cream

Udderly Smooth Body Cream

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Works well when it comes to moisturizing.

I love how good this cream works. My brother works outside all day, his hands get severely dried specially in winter. I recommended him to start its use and in a few days lefts his hands smooth and moisturized

keeps my skin soft but smells strange...

This cream help me soften my skin as a teenager, helped reduce the swelling of alot of my breakouts.

My boyfriend works outside and he uses his hands A LOT, so he has rough, rough, rough hands. So I was looking for something to help heal the cracked skin he has and to help soften his hand up, and came across this. I used it on him the night we got it and I didn't feel much difference in his hand. I know, it was just one time, but when I use regular lotion with aloe vera in it, it made his hand softer than that. So I guess I was expecting to feel a difference right away, but since it didn't make any change I just went out and bought another lotion.