Udder Cover Nursing Cover

Udder Cover Nursing Cover

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Love Loved these! Loved the different patterns, and how perfect they were to use.

This was great and I intend to use it again. I go out with the husband and I can actually feed baby in public without the stares LOL! This is great!

These are by far one of the best invention yet! Makes nursing in public so much easier.

best one and easy to feed the baby at home even when friends came to visit the baby.

I use this frequently when nursing in public. I like that it's lightweight and doesn't get too hot. I've received compliments on the cute pattern.

I got one of these before I had my baby and I took it to the hospital with me which was a super smart thing to do! It was so nice to have when all of the tons of nurses would come in every 5 minutes and didn't really care if you were nursing or not. Also it was good to keep handy when you got home in case someone happened to visit and came in without me knowing. That way I could cover up and keep feeding the baby!

I loved having this when I was nursing in public but now that he's older he does not like being under the cover or under anything, so it's pretty pointless to use it now but they have cute colors and it worked for us at the beginning.

I did not use a nurssing cover with my son, but always wished I had one for the times a blanket would not do. I just recived mine and can't wait to start using it. I tried it on and it looks great and will be more comfortable then a blanket. I was also happy to get it for just the shipping.

I liked this nursing cover. It helps that I got it free. Just wish it was a bit bigger. I will be passing this on to my firends to use with their babies.

Great idea... but this was tiny!! Would only work to MAYBE cover up with a newborn. Thin, scratchy material. . . I had someone give me a different one for a baby shower that had been made locally. I ended up using that one instead and getting rid of this one. I would not recommend this product.

Just as much as i support breastfeeding, i recommend this nursing cover 100%

I have one of these and used it for my 2nd child. I loved that it stayed where I needed it and I could see my daughter the entire time.

People talk about these badly because they are often free. I actually like the product. I used it with my newest baby and it was well made and did the job. He wasnt suffocating and overheating under it like other covers can do.

I actually have the one in the photo. I got it at a really good price and I use it every day I am out and need to nurse. It is thin enough so the baby doesn't get too hot under it in the summer but you can't see through it. Wish it was a bit more wide, though.

I use mine every day. I would say I wish it was made out a material that breathed better-- baby gets a little toasty under the cover and falls asleep before we finish eating. It could be because I chose the black patterned material but I am not sure. The strap and function of the product itself hasn't given me any problems though. I still use it and like ti alot.