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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Great read

    I'm never bored with these magazines one of my favorites highly recommend a must have perfect for killing time would make a great just because present i.e. family members avid readers I'd buy this again

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  • Cdettra By  Cdettra    

    This is one of several Hollywood gossip magazines I subscribe to when I can get a good deal.

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  • Suziekim78 By  Suziekim78    

    This magazine is just ok. I like to look at the pictures of the celebrities, but often times the pics are fuzzy and out of focus. But that's what you get when you read a rag mag like this. The articles are less than stellar, and don't seem to have any real substance to them.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    Great Gossip magazine very affordable

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  • skyrobinson By  skyrobinson    

    Love it!! If you want to know the latest fashion and beauty tips this is your magazine. I love all the colorful pages inside and the articles on all my favorite stars. It's my go to magazine for gossip.

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  • sara321 By  sara321    

    This is my go to magazine for celebrity gossip. It has always been my favorite.

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  • SheilaMR By  SheilaMR    

    Good magazine for keeping up with Hollywood gossip.

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  • dianej89 By  dianej89    

    i get this mag in the mail awsome

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    Gotta have my US Weekly!

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  • Shanshan603 By  Shanshan603    

    Ok magazine for the dentist waiting room...but nothing I would ever by just to read myself. The stories they have are always ones that are already out. Not very entertaining.

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  • jellybird By  jellybird    

    This magazine offers a variety of things to read about. Interesting and entertaining.

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  • ugiemoore By  ugiemoore    

    One of my favorite celebrity magazines, I love keeping up with the stars and this magazine lets me do just that.

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  • GoDucks By  GoDucks    

    This is the only gossip magazine I subscribe to! It seems to be more accurate than the others and isn't trashy!

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  • rachelgriffin By  rachelgriffin    

    The only magazine where I get my juicy celebrity gossip from.

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  • Silvery By  Silvery    

    Love the gossip!

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