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  • xoxkisses371 By  xoxkisses371    

    Great band and would recommend you check them out as well!

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  • diggit02 By  diggit02    

    Great band and would recommend you check them and this album out .

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  • adannie By  adannie    

    For those unfamiliar with Type O Negative the name and image might be disturbing. Who would have linked these two unnerving items to an album as emotionally driven as October Rust? Type O Negative's brilliant release is a look into the hidden side of everyone's soul...one we may keep wrapped up to never let out until the misery sets in. Who has never lost a true love? Who has never been depressed and needed a little music to make you feel better? Give this album a try...even if you aren't a fan of gothic rock you may be surprised at what brilliant songs this band can conjure up.

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