Twix Ice Cream Cake

Twix Ice Cream Cake

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Very hard to find but tastes pretty good! It's basically a mix of rich vanilla ice cream with Twix candy bars. Good idea for a weekend dessert :)

Could be better I was excited to try this. Bought them for my son but really the whole family loves Twix. I didn't like the way the cookie part was laid out inside the bar. Little crunchy balls of cookie would have been better. Tastes like a Twix. That makes it good.

Enjoyed the taste! First, I love anything ice cream. I liked the peanutty flavor of this cake (really mostly ice cream, peanut bits, and hard chocolate coating), but the frozen peanut/cookie bits were sometimes too hard. I agree with previous review that it'd probably be better in a single-size serving form. But, I'd probably buy it again as the flavor was good

What's better then Twix and ice cream an ice cream Twix cake yuuuummmo love this

Twix is one of my favorite candy bars. When I was shopping for a cake for my son's 9th birthday, this seemed perfect! When we actually got to eating it however, it didn't quite meet expectations. First, this is marketed as an "Ice Cream Cake," but there is not really any cake to it. It is all ice cream and cookie bits, with caramel on top and a hard chocolate shell on the top. While it was good, it was a bit rich. some of the cookie bits were hard, while others were very soft. It was tasty and a bit reminiscent of Twix, but a bit much in the form of a "cake." I think this would be much better in a smaller bar form.