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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    The Perfect Soundtrack

    I love this soundtrack I'm a huge fan of twilight and so is my sister I'd recommend this to fans of The Vampire Diaries popular with people of all ages

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  • Padillalizbeth By  Padillalizbeth    

    Calm catchy music. Some songs are very mellow and soothing

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  • Maryberry By  Maryberry    

    Great soundtrack

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  • Yanitza By  Yanitza    

    you must have

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  • msgurl76 By  msgurl76    

    Love It! I am a Twihard so this album was a must. My favorite songs have to Bruno Mars "It Will Rain" and Christina Perri "A Thousand Years".

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  • Kristydreamsbig By  Kristydreamsbig    

    Love the soundtrack!

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  • callmemini By  callmemini    

    Movies are ridiculous but wow can they make a great soundtrack.

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  • Faifers By  Faifers    

    Each song on this CD was MADE ( not really) for this movie. Very good if your into that kind of scene.

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  • angel75601 By  angel75601    

    Love LOVE love this soundtrack! Fits the movie to a T!

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