Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1

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Good I love the twilight movies. I think they are wonderful. Good movies that are nice vampire movies.

Gotta to watch Love love love these r wonderful super great movies of love and romance with a clean vampire twist these r must sees!!

I love the twilight movies but this movie really is not for kids. then begining is nice because edward and bella get married and after that the entire movie is basically their honeymoon. not until the end is when a little drama occurs when they find out bella is pregnant with edwards baby while still being human..

Love story with a twist! Love story with a twist at the end. I loved the entire twilight series! Books & Movies. I've never been a fan of vampire movies but this one is definitely worth watching. It has everything. Action, drama, romance, and more. Live this series!

Did not think I would end up liking this movie as much as I did. Quality is great and kept me entertained throughout. The first one is definitely my favorite

Good movie but not the greatest. Again not the best graphics.

#TeamEdward Always will be a twilight fan. This movie was perfect :)

Loved this movie, it had the perfect amount of romance to the story and really kept the characters in a realistic point of view throughout. The ending kept you wanting more!

I loved the Twilight saga movies. Those 2 had the best love sences.

I loved the Twilight saga movies. Those 2 had the best love sences.

I love the whole series and could watch them over and over.

I loved the books, the movies were hard to like just because the books pull you in so much. My youngest daughter however did not read the books only watched the movies and loved these.

The series was alright. If your into Vampires and Werewolves with a splash of romance, than this is the books or movies for you. I loved the romance part of them, just not into the vampires and werewolves

Intense and very entertaining! I loved it! Can't wait for the next one!

I honestly don't know what the obsession is with these Twilight movies. I sat through this one basically because my best friend held me hostage. I wish I could get that time back. I want my vampires to be actual vampires - blood thirsty, aggressive and mean. I don't want them to sparkle!