Twice Baked Potatoes


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    1 Hr 15 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    1 Hr 30 Mins
  • Level:
Twice Baked Potatoes

Makes: 4 4

Description: This is truly a show stopper in my family. It makes any baked potato feel restaurant style. My family likes them pretty plain, but you can add extra toppings if desired.

4  Russet potatoes
6  Slices bacon
2 cups  Shredded Cheddar
2 tbsp  Butter
1 tbsp  Olive Oil

Instructions: Preheat oven to 450
Wash potatoes with vegetable scrubber, rinse and pat dry. Rub potatoes with a bit of olive oil, then place in oven and bake potatoes for one hour. Remove potatoes from oven and carefully slice each potato in half length-wise.

Using a spoon, scoop out most of potato into large bowl. Be sure to leave enough potato to retain shell. Set potato shells aside. In bowl with potato filling, add two tablespoons butter. While potato filling is cooling down a bit, fry bacon slices until browned and drain on paper towel lined plate. Chop bacon into bits and toss bacon bits in with potato filling. Add two cups shredded cheddar to potato mixture along with a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste.

Mix well to combine. Spoon mixture back into potato shells and sprinkle with more shredded cheddar. Place potatoes back into oven and cook for another 15-20 minutes or until cheese is melted.

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