Tweezerman Fast Lash

Tweezerman Fast Lash

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Tweezerman Fast Lash is a great tool for creating the "False lash look" without having to fuss without actual falsies. However, it does take some work to look decent. A few tips I have are to tap the cap as you're pulling it out, tilted slightly to minimize product fallout (which is plenty), use a wet formula mascara first to coat your lashes to serve as an adhesive base for the fibers, and follow up with a drier mascara. By using a metal eyelash comb, you can gently separate and fix the fibers into place to achieve the look you want. While you can do multiple coats using this method, I don't recommend it because you will end up with a clumpy mess. If you can deal with the product fallout and fussiness involved with this product, this is a great alternative for those that simply can't apply false eyelashes to themselves.

I've never tried a Tweezerman product that I didn't like. I haven't tried this one yet. I have friends who swear by it and look great after having applied it. Plan to buy it and try it myself.

I love this lash enhancer from Tweezerman! It's a bit expensive but last a long time and it really works to make lashes appear longer and fuller.

I recently purchased Fast Lash for $7.99 at TJ Maxx or you can find it online for $14. It's well worth $14. It appeared to be a lash enhancing mascara and that's what I assumed it was when I purchased it. However, it's actually tiny white polyester fibers all over a mascara wand. It looks like cotton all over it. You apply your favorite mascara to your lashes and while it's still wet, apply Fast Lash to the tips of your lashes, then a second coat of your mascara. It works wonders! I look like I have naturally long lashes and not false lashes. I wore it to the mall this weekend and the cosmetic girls at Macy's asked what type of mascara I used! And I credited it all to Fast Lash.