Tweezerman Animal Print Slant Tweezers

Tweezerman Animal Print Slant Tweezers

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Tweezerman rocks! The best there is. I use these both personally and professionally and they are the best tweezers out there. They will grab even the finest, smallest of hair and keep a tight grip for a smooth and easy extraction. The hair simply does not slip from these tweezers.


super sharp love they have a sharpening service when they get dull little pricey but well worth the 25 spent

I have 2 pAir of these because I lose a lot of things and just love the leopard ! Work great !

I love these tweezers. They really do have a a precision edge. I usually buy a spare that way if one goes missing I am never without my tweezers

work great, get the hair out :)

I do not have the animal print, but I do have the Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers and I cannot believe how much better they are than other tweezers. Honestly, I thought for years a tweezer is a tweezer but a friend convinced me I should try this while at Sephora and I was amazed! They really do grab the little hairs so much better! This is the only brand of Tweezer I will buy ever again.

i have two of these. i keep one in the bathroom and one in my purse. they are great quality and the end of the tweezer aligns up perfectly. i have had some other brands that you cant pluck any hairs or get out a splinter with them because the tip is not even with each other. i hate that. but these are perfect. highly recommed-very cute

I love the giraffe print! So CUTE!

Quite possibly the cutest things ever! They also work really well too. I use them to pluck my brows and they are amazing! You can buy these at Sephora!

So stylish...but a bit expensive for a just tweezers

arent they?!?! I normally love Zebra but i went outside the box and got Giraffe. Cant wait to get these....OHHHH BTW these are from dont know where else they have them.

Those are too cute!