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  • jehousel By  jehousel    

    Quality and goodness!

    I recently bought this and my daughter (age 7) absolutely loves it! Icecream is not a daily thing at my house but it is a great treat, great flavor with bits of cookiedough goodness and chocolate chips! Can't get better than this. Quality!

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  • Mamaof00004 By  Mamaof00004    

    Great product!!

    I love this brand ice cream!! I always buy this brand the taste is so wonderful!! Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite

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  • teffers8464 By  teffers8464    

    let's talk turkey

    turkey hill ice cream is always a treat. when i tried the cookie dough variety, i was truly impressed.

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  • kimmycoo99 By  kimmycoo99    

    Affordable and great tasting

    Turkey Hill is my favorite affordable ice cream brand. Never disappoints.

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  • Havamarie475 By  Havamarie475    

    Yummy cookie dough

    I love all Turkey Hill ice cream but I do have my favorites and chocolate chip cookie dough is in the top five. The ice cream is oh so creamy and the cookie dough tastes like right off the batter whenever in Meijers I grab one.

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  • katierysz By  katierysz    


    I completely agree with the other posters above. This ice cream is heavenly. I am on Weight Watchers, and I can eat whatever I want. I always choose to indulge in some Turkey Hill. It's so creamy and delicious.

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  • FireRunner2379 By  FireRunner2379    

    The Bomb

    I love Turkey Hill Ice Cream and this flavor is the bomb. The cream is smooth and the cookie dough is flavorful without being overpowering.

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  • chelscowan By  chelscowan    

    The perfect pair!

    This is my go-to ice cream always! It has the perfect amount of chocolate and cookie dough chunks with the sweet vanilla ice cream. It is good enough on its own, or you can blend it up for a milkshake or add sprinkles and syrups! The Turkey Hill brand has the softest ice cream and the ice cream to topping ratio is always just right! If you want cookies and ice cream, make it easy on yourself and get some of this ice cream!

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