Tupperware Mix N Stor Pitcher

Tupperware Mix N Stor Pitcher

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Suitable size and easy to wash sounds good!!!!

Easy to use and wash, create for mixing the bowl is just the perfect size

Absolutely great for Cakepop batter. You can pour it right in the circlets and then store for another treat for another time!! Wonderful Product. As a tupperware consultant at JessicaSingletary.my.tupperware.com -- I LOVE them and support the product totally!! These are great and I LOVE the Stack cooker as well!! I wish we could review it!

I use this at least three times a week. I love that I can make pancake batter in it and store what I don't use until the next day. I'm a huge Tupperware fan and this is one of my favortie things from them.

There were a few items that I grew up with that I just could not do without when I started my own kitchen and this is one of them. I grew up with an older version and the ease of this new version is amazing. Easy pour, easy store, easy EVERYTHING! Can't make pancakes without it.

I think I have Tupperware everything and this is one of the pieces I use the most. I make pancakes, dough and other things in it and easily store them in the fridge. The whole in the top is good for mixing if you overfill a bit! It has a pour lip for easy pouring if your mixture is appropriate for that and an non slip grip at the bottom so it doesn't slide whole mixing. I love this thing!

I absolutely LOVE my Mix N Stor Pitcher by Tupperware! It is my favorite kitchen item because you can measure right in the bowl; it has the splatter guard so I don't get potatos or cake mix on my walls (especially when my 3 year old twins 'help' me mix); my kids want pancakes every morning so I whip up a batch and put what I don't use in the fridge with the lid on for the next morning, it can take a beating, I can throw it in the microwave to melt stuff, it is dishwasher safe and it was only like $20. As a stay at home mom I use this item daily! I've even purchased a few for Christmas gifts and I've never had any complaints. I got the picture of of the site. My bowl is older and has a red lid but other than that it is the same. Thanks again Shespeaks for letting me offer another opinion!