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  • happystar By  happystar    

    Suitable size and easy to wash sounds good!!!!

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  • erika7diaz By  erika7diaz    

    Easy to use and wash, create for mixing the bowl is just the perfect size

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  • Jessisingletary By  Jessisingletary    

    Absolutely great for Cakepop batter. You can pour it right in the circlets and then store for another treat for another time!! Wonderful Product. As a tupperware consultant at JessicaSingletary.my.tupperware.com -- I LOVE them and support the product totally!! These are great and I LOVE the Stack cooker as well!! I wish we could review it!

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  • crisinger By  crisinger    

    I use this at least three times a week. I love that I can make pancake batter in it and store what I don't use until the next day. I'm a huge Tupperware fan and this is one of my favortie things from them.

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  • erie3746 By  erie3746    

    There were a few items that I grew up with that I just could not do without when I started my own kitchen and this is one of them. I grew up with an older version and the ease of this new version is amazing. Easy pour, easy store, easy EVERYTHING! Can't make pancakes without it.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I think I have Tupperware everything and this is one of the pieces I use the most. I make pancakes, dough and other things in it and easily store them in the fridge. The whole in the top is good for mixing if you overfill a bit! It has a pour lip for easy pouring if your mixture is appropriate for that and an non slip grip at the bottom so it doesn't slide whole mixing. I love this thing!

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  • cmh2036 By  cmh2036    

    I absolutely LOVE my Mix N Stor Pitcher by Tupperware! It is my favorite kitchen item because you can measure right in the bowl; it has the splatter guard so I don't get potatos or cake mix on my walls (especially when my 3 year old twins 'help' me mix); my kids want pancakes every morning so I whip up a batch and put what I don't use in the fridge with the lid on for the next morning, it can take a beating, I can throw it in the microwave to melt stuff, it is dishwasher safe and it was only like $20. As a stay at home mom I use this item daily! I've even purchased a few for Christmas gifts and I've never had any complaints. I got the picture of of the site. My bowl is older and has a red lid but other than that it is the same. Thanks again Shespeaks for letting me offer another opinion!

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