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  • Bdknox91 By  Bdknox91    

    I recommend these to anybody with heartburn because these are so amazing and almost instant! These are a must

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  • pcaradonna By  pcaradonna    

    Trusted brand for family

    Perfect for travel and everyday. They taste good and work instantly.

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  • MayWww By  MayWww    

    This works extremely great to resolve heart burn, they are very tasty too, we keep this in our cabinet year round.

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  • Megan2899 By  Megan2899    

    Chewy for the win!

    I already loved the TUMS brand and when they came out with these chewy bites, I was ecstatic! They are so good and don't taste chalky at all!

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  • Liongal80 By  Liongal80    

    Taste ok

    Tums sort of help take the feeling away. It seems as if they do the trick short term but they do not work full effect.

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  • Jwyatt2328 By  Jwyatt2328    

    Better than the chalk texture

    I like chewing these vs the chalky ones. Great flavor and helps with acid.

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  • Aolecki12 By  Aolecki12    

    Hate the chalky taste of medications when you have heartburn? Then Your in luck! With Tums Chewy Bites that?s not a problem!! These are especially great for kids who refuse to take yucky medicines, instead give them tums. I make sure to always have these in my family?s medicine cabinet and I recommend u do too.

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  • junglefrog78 By  junglefrog78    

    Tums Chewy Bites

    Tums Chewy Bites are great! If you hate the chalky taste when you have heartburn - not a problem with these!

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