Tulip Tie Dye Kit

Tulip Tie Dye Kit

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Love tie dye, great results My family and I love to tie dye, but don't have the time or energy to mix our own dyes. The Tulip dye kits are amazing. They last us for many projects and show great vibrant colors in the results. We have bought them for gifts for other kids and families as well! Highly recommend these kits for a fun (but messy) crafting endeavor with the whole family.

Tulip tye dye lover I absolutely love this product!! I've gotten about 15 of these Tulip tye dye kits & have had so much fun with them. My friends even joined in and ended up getting there own tye dye kits

Fun! So much fun with my kids. This tie dye kit is great for making tie dye clothes. High quality.

Kid Activity. I loved this tie dye kit! We bought several and all the kids got to do their own shirt. It was a great day activity for them all.

Great for a party This tie dye kit was great for a family gathering. We had enough dye for all this to do shirts and handkerchiefs. I did buy more gloves and rubber bands so adults could could help.

Did a great job for me. I will have to get more pretty soon.

Material Dye I have used a variety of these tie dyes. They are super easy to use. I would suggest using outside though because it can get a bit messy. We have dyed shirts as well as shorts and skirts. The dye does not fade nor run in the washing machine. I will purchase this again and actually like to keep on hand just because it is handy to have. I had a skirt that was stained and thought it was ruined and would have to just be tossed. Then I thought hmmm wonder if I could dye it using a couple of colors. The outcome was amazing. I would definitly recommend this product to anyone. Especially a crafter. But you do not need any special talent or need to be an expert craft person to use this product and have your stuff turn out amazing.

Good times for different ages! We love these kits! I have half a dozen children and bought two of these to dye shirts, shorts, leggings, and tank tops that have gotten stained that I have held onto for awhile. It was so much fun (my 5 yr old made the prettiest one)! I love that I didn't have to buy things separately and it was simple. I used an old twister mat and we had a good time on the kitchen floor. I definitely love this company and their kits.

Thank you Tulip. Tulip Tie Dye Kit is a summer time staple for my daughters and myself. We have tie dyed everything from hats and undergarments to jeans and shoes. This is our favorite crafting to do still even though they are now 17 and 20 years old. I do suggest you do it outdoors, possibly at a picnic table.

Tye dye This is so easy and fun to do with kids! We tye-dyed shirts, washcloths, and a white sheet and everything turned out great!

easy to use and lots of colors to choose I love this set because you can just add water and use. Colors are pretty. Be careful not to use too much or they will bleed together. Love tye-dye.

Great Kit for beginners I love this set, it's such a simple way to learn how to tie dye. :)

wanted to revew dharma trading co kit but not listed the dharma people know fabric and dye

DIY Tie Dye What an amazing gift this would be for a diy project at home. I've bought the Tulip tie Dye kits for many years and they work perfect for me and my kids. We bond, tie dye and have a grand time.