Truly Hard Seltzer

Truly Hard Seltzer

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Recommended by many Good item , if you want to destroy your body with alcohol. Just kidding, cool mommy is down for that maybe once a year. My freinds love this drink, so I will support. I personally would rather have an expensive glass of wine, or a plate of buffalo wings .

A flavorful, light hard seltzer Truly improved/stronger flavored fruit lemonades, watermelon, strawberry and pineapple, are all delicious and refreshing. They receive a 5⭐. The lightly flavored berry flavors are dull and I don't really care for them; 3.5⭐. All flavors are great thirst quenchers, low in calories and produce no stomach issues, unlike light beers which can cause heartburn, gas and bloating. I hope they create an improved, increased flavor option in the berry, because I'll definitely buy them it too.

Truly Lemonade Mix Pack This is my all-time favorite seltzer pack! I think the flavors are a good mix and they don't overly taste like alcohol. They're slightly sweeter than other flavors, but I think they're perfect for beach/boat days in the summer.

Truly enjoy! Not too sweet, but just right for what I need for alcohol. I truly enjoy the flavors and the amount it offers! I always bring this to the party!

Just Okay Truly Hard seltzer is okay. There are better alcohol seltzer in the market. I do like that they have a lot more flavor choices though.

Pleasantly Surprised! I really like these. I think I had the Passion Fruit flavor. I generally don't like flavored seltzers, alcoholic or otherwise - they usually don't have enough fruit flavor and often have a funny aftertaste. I also don't really like the taste of alcohol. That combination made me think I'd probably dislike Truly, but I took a sip of a friend's and was very pleasantly surprised - I switched from wine to Truly for the rest of the night. I also liked that it didn't fill me up too much, like beer does, and it was stronger than I thought it would be, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on the circumstances! I would definitely drink it again, and have already thought that I'd get a case of it next time I want to bring something to a party - whenever things get back to normal, of course.

Great taste and does not leave you feeling bloated at all.

This rocks! Better then white claw. If you like a alcohol beverage that taste smooth and almost as if its a flavored water truly is the way to go. It has a nice tint of flavor and doesnt cause heartburn. Definitely recommend truly to the people who dont like the taste of coolers.

Not for me I enjoy the taste of these, but they weren't something I would want to consume very often. They were a little too sweet and made me feel too full.

Great for summer I've tried a couple of brands, and this one is the best. The grapefruit is my favorite. The straight flavors are much better than the combos - grapefruit is much better than grapefruit/pomelo.

Berry is best I love the berry variety pack! It is light and refreshing with a little kick. Perfect drink for summer.

Refreshing! A nice, refreshing summertime adult beverage - these are perfect for a pool day or summer evening. I love the variety in flavors!