True Lemon Original Lemonade

True Lemon Original Lemonade

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Like homemade I really like this brand of lemonade, its super easy to use and the measurements are on point to get you the perfect tasting lemonade! It's so thirst quenching and taste so authentic.

Great to add to water I absolutely love these for adding to iced water in the summer. It is very refreshing and definitely makes you want to drink more water! They taste pretty good, almost as good as fresh lemons.

Fresh and Tasty Lemonade! I recently tried some True lemon, and I was very hopeful, and they didn't disappoint! I tried the true lemon Natural lemonade, and added a natural lemon packet with it, threw in a little bit of sugar (only because I love sugar) and it tasted great! You can really taste the fresh lemon taste, and I absolutely love lemons! I look forward to trying their other flavors!

I love the fact that is is all natural great product!

I prefer the standard True Lemon without the sweetener. This was only OK. I didn't find the flavor of the lemon blended quite right with the sweetener. I drink plenty of other lemonade mixes. This one just wasn't right for me. It had an unpleasant aftertaste.

I am not typically a fan of lemonade, but found this to be very delicious without the after taste that normally turns me off.

Mixed easily but we found the taste unpalatable. The kids said it tasted yucky and I thought it left a bad aftertaste. Won't be buying this again.

I have been striving to eat SUPER healthy lately, I don't always succeed but this stuff has been awesome! I love flavoring my water and the fact that they use all natural Stevia as a sweetener is amazing!

I really like this product and so does everyone else I have given it to. It's a great way to have the "natural" taste of lemon when you don't have a fresh lemon around. I always carry these in my purse and even cook with it!

I am not a fan of these drink powders due to the ever present after taste. While this drink did have an after taste, it was not as bad as most other powders and it does taste good. I like that it is natural, but I am a skeptic...I mean how natural can a powdered drink really be? I keep it at work for those days that I really want something besides water and am too cheap to get fresh juice. I would recommend this to those who like these types of drinks but probably would not buy this for myself.

I was unsure about this product at first because so many like this have artificial sweeteners so I never try them. Even though the jurys still out on stevia (and I rarely use it), I thought I would give this one a try since it's more natural. I'm glad I did! It tastes fresh-squeezed lemonade! Perfect for summer, especially since we live in the desert where it's 115 right now! It's not overly sweet and sweetness can be adjusted by the amount of water or number of packets you use. I used one packet for 3/4 of a tall glass and it was perfect. Now I'm curious about the raspberry lemonade flavor they offer! Yum!

love it. mixes as easy as the others. Very good taste. love that its natural.

It is all natural made from real lemons crystallized into powder form. I keep it in my purse and add it to water when I want a yummy summer treat on the go!