True Lemon Crystallized Lemon

True Lemon Crystallized Lemon

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tart This is nice to have for when you want lemonade but have no lemons. I love tart stuff but one pack would probably be too much for one glass.

I love True Lemon. I use at least two packets a day. I use them to make lemonade and my lemonade comes out perfect every time.

Taste just like squeezing a lemon into your drink! This is great for on the go or at work.

I absolutely love these lemon packets! You can use them for so many things and they are so portable! You can use them for a glass of lemonade, use it with soap to wash your hands on the go, freshen your breath and more!

Love love love these. Perfect to make lemon water while on the go.

i LOVETHIS STUFF!!!! It is very convenient and the lemon taste is perfect. Add it to your tea (hot or cold), your water- whatever you want to add a lemon taste. It even tastes great in yogurt!

Good taste and very convenient

This stuff is great, especially if you survive in an office with a water cooler and no refrigerator. It makes your tea or water so much better, and is easy to carry in your purse in the little packets.

Love lemon!

Love this! Was actually sent a box during deployment (US Navy) and it was awesome. Great crisp flavor and would simple put I my large bottled water for the day. When your in the middle of the ocean this is a very refreshing drink. I bought some right when I got back.

great taste.

great flavor, portable, what's not to love?

I just bought my first box of this and I really like it! I only need a tiny bit in my teeth to make the lemon flavor! Its cheaper than buying real lemons and there is less waste.

Love the product. i use the lemon, lime and grapefruit. I use it in water and I've also cooked with it. Recipes can be found on the True Lemon website. The box also gives what the equivalent of a packet to the fruit for easy substitution.

They sent me free packets from the company. They are super convenient to take on the go. I still prefer the real thing or liquid lemon or lime. The packets dont give as much taste as I had hoped or like.