Trident Sugarless Gum Tropical Twist

Trident Sugarless Gum Tropical Twist

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Like this gum. I like this gum as it is sugarless and has a great taste to it. I get nervous a lot and it helps me to be chewing some gum.

I really like this flavor of trident. This is a good brand of gum and love that it's dentist recommended!

This is my favorite flavor of chewing gum. The flavor lasts longer than most. I chew this after meals in place of dessert when I want something sweet. I think it is better for your teeth too because it is sugarfree.

I used to really enjoy chewing this gum ... The flavor is so tasty that my kids never let me get more than one.

Its OK, I guess, It just loses the flavor really quick and gets hard to chew, gives me a head ache.

I don't understand all of the bad reviews. I like this gum. It has a tropical taste, and is sugarfree, which is great for me!

Trident Tropical Twist is one of my favorite sugarless gums. The flavor lasts a good long while and the gum has a good texture. It is a great way to soother a craving for something sweet and not take in extra calories.

I usually don't like sugarless gum, but this is one I can stand. The only downside is that it has a bad smell, one day I was in the car with my father and he thought that he kept smelling cat urine. Come to find out what he was smelling was this gum. Anyway, even though it smells bad, I still like the taste. Although, my absolute favorite gum would have to be Trident Wild Blueberry Twist. If you like fruity gums, then you should definitely try it. The only problem is that stores have begun not to carry it anymore so you might have trouble finding it.

I think this is the nastiest gum I have ever put in my mouth!! It smells like trucker pits and tastes even worse!