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  • SandyEggo By  SandyEggo    

    Good price for good hold in high humidity

    Purchased this hair spray due to the price being fair and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product. Product provides great hold without being weighed down and heavy. I have used it on rainy/drizzly days and it has held without frizz. Smell is not noticeable. Only reason for knocking a star was it tends to clog the nozzle fairly easily and can get stuck.

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  • doublebeezy By  doublebeezy    

    Sticky and Smelly

    Does it's job, but my lord, does it smell terrible. I feel like it's also a bit sticky when I'm using to set waves or curls - I feel that it's better for updos. I prefer Aussie hairspray for a light hold.

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  • emelizabeth By  emelizabeth    

    TRESemmé Tres Two Hair Spray

    Hands down the best hair spray. I have been using this for years and have never found a product that comes close to being as good. I have super thick, long, coarse hair but this keeps my style in place all day. It never leaves that crunchy feeling other hair sprays do. It smells pleasant but isn't over powering at all.

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  • shebelieves By  shebelieves    

    Longtime User

    I have used this line of products for almost 10yrs! I love the shampoo,conditioner,hairspray,volumizing mousse,& gel!

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  • Olesya By  Olesya    

    My husband and I love this hairspray. He has been using this everyday for years!

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  • chollins63 By  chollins63    

    Love it

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  • Mystibry By  Mystibry    

    I am a huge fan of Tresemme and have good things to say about all of them. They work as well and professional brands, but are so inexpensive. This hairspray is not sticky or stiff. The fragrance isn't over powering so doesn't clash with perfumes. Love it!

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    I was very unimpressed with this product. It didn't hold my hair very well, and it seemed like the can never lasted very long, and there are cheaper brands i have used that worked better, and you got more.

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  • smurfette498 By  smurfette498    

    This is the only hair spray that I use. It gives me great hold and lasts throughout the day.

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  • sashie49 By  sashie49    

    i love it!

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  • lkats16 By  lkats16    

    Use this hairspray all the time! Doesn't weigh my hair down & doesn't leave any residue. Very affordable as well.

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  • als7703 By  als7703    

    I love this hairspray! It holds me hair in place while looking natural. It leaves my hair soft. after trying several other brands of hairspray, I now purchase this one regularly.

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  • L_camille By  L_camille    

    I love Tresemme hair sprays. the cans are huge for the price. Its drugstore but i love it it holds without being crunchy and smell inst bad either. most def recommend!!

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  • bluesubaru By  bluesubaru    

    love this hair spray. holds very well with no problems. The problem is the stuff is super sticky (which most of the time is good) and it sticks to clothes. I also hate the strong over powering smell of this hairspray. is there one that is unscented? wish they could change the smell.

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  • mamilita02 By  mamilita02    

    this product has been in my family a long time. and we are still using it. I have heavy hair, but this gets the job done. even though it lasts about 6 hrs i think its the best for my hair type. (full and thick) very impossible to find the right product. but i love Tresemme

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