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  • abenjam2 By  abenjam2    

    I tried TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray as part of my daily blow drying routine. After showering, I sprayed my hair and brushed the product through. The mist was fine and dispersed lightly and evenly. It smelled a bit floral but dissipated quickly, without interfering with my regular perfume. I blew my hair out as usual. My hair was nice and straight, no frizz or fly aways. It was left feeling healthy and moisturized, not try and damaged. I would definitely use TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray regularly as part of my routine. It took little to no additional time in my already rushed morning.

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  • Madisonbreann By  Madisonbreann    

    I used this shampoo and conditioner and I loved it! Made my hair soft, smooth and clean!

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  • raschelealexis By  raschelealexis    

    I really like this product. The spray works well, and it evenly coats my hair. Its sizzles nicely, so I know the straightener isn't burning my hair itself.

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  • sonyahg By  sonyahg    

    I always spray this in my hair before blow drying or flat ironing.

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  • mv64tx By  mv64tx    

    This spray works great, I suggest blowing your hair out with the correct tools to get the best results. Leaves your hair smooth and soft, for the price I thought it worked very well.

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