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  • ybauermom By  ybauermom    

    I have yet to find a Tresemme product that I do not love.

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  • jeffshaw999 By  jeffshaw999    

    Holds column in you hair great all day. Smells good too :)

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  • misuralm By  misuralm    

    I have not used the finishing spray, but i have used the volume foam that you apply to wet hair. I bought it about a year ago, when the products first came out, and I used it once and decided I hated it. It sat in my bathroom for a year, so I decided to try it again, I guess I learned how to apply it correctly because now I cannot live without it! It gives volume to my super long/straight hair and it even helps hold a curl! Try the foam if you want to add volume... and dont give up on the first try!

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  • mardel By  mardel    

    I totally agree this products was such a waste!! It never gave my hair any body to it!! I have long straight hair and I tried it when I teased my hair and it just made it look clumpy.

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  • bkapj1 By  bkapj1    

    The product states: This product with Volume Control Complex gives your hair lasting body and bounce that won't ever fall flat in the middle of your day. Luxuriously soft and touchable, this spray will never leave you with a sticky mess-even if you get caught in a rainstorm. This lightweight formula leaves your hair ultra-shiny and manageable. BUT IT SUCKED! I'D THINK IT WAS PROBABLY BECAUSE OF MY HAIR TYPE WHICH IS 3B BUT IT DIDN'T WORK. IT MADE MY HAIR POOFY STICKY AND HARD.DID I MENTION IT HAS ALCHOL IN IT WHICH CAUSED MY HAIR TO DRY OUT. I HATE THIS PRODUCT

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