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  • tiramisu888 By  tiramisu888    

    Love this Earl Grey tea it is luxury taste without the high cost of luxury. I love adding a little milk and sugar to make it a milk tea. Great for winter!

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  • speechiemel By  speechiemel    

    Best Tea

    This tea is delicious hot or cold. In the winter I love having this tea with trader joes blueberry lavender almond beverage! Such a great combo. In the summer I like to brew a couple of bags and mix it with lemonade as an Arnold palmer or over ice with a splash of half and half. So good!

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  • molivos By  molivos    

    Home brewed tea is the best.

    I love home brewed tea. It saves time, money and resources to brew at home and bring a reusable cup to go. I also love Trader Joe and Earl Grey.

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    Trader Joe's enjoyable Earl Grey

    I love Earl Grey tea. And Trader Joe's has one of my favorites. I find that some brands of Earl Grey taste "off" or artificial. Trader Joe's is just enjoyable. It makes breakfast or anytime I want a cup of tea a satisfying experience.

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