Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe Joe's

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Super yummy and I love candy canes.

What's not to love? These are amazing and I actually have to hide them from my kids. They go great with coffee (the cookies, not the kids) and are my special little self-treat. Yummmmmm...

I haven't had these in a long time and I will be looking for them this year, love these, very delicious

Great candy sweetness!!!

i have not tried this i would like

These cookies are ridiculously good. I have actually never set foot into Trader Joe's (I am cheap) but got these as a gift. I am embarrassed to say that out of the two packages I was given, my husband got one cookie and my children got none. And the rest all went into my belly (and in about 2 days). I am actually not a fan of thin-mints or most other chocolate/mint flavored things (especially mint chocolate chip ice cream... yuck). But these are basically oreo cookies with chocolately coating and crushed peppermint candy and are just delicious. The flavors are very separate but go together nicely. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

my husband likes these for a snack


I look forward to these every year! Have you guys tried them in their ice cream???? AMAZING!

Love love love. I wish they offered this product all year long. Yum it is perfect. I'm a mint girl and this cookies is right for me.

I love these cookies!! I love the hidden pieces of candy inside of them and I love that there are no artificial dyes in them! Such great flavor from them too!!

I love almost everything at trader joes but this is one of my top favs. So good especially with coffee.

These are so good! I love the combination of mint and chocolate and the fact that they're dipped in chocolate makes them even better! Trader Joe's also has plain ones that aren't dipped that are also good. Yum!

These are so good! I like the candy cane Joe Joes that are not covered in fudge the best and it stinks that you can only get them at the holidays! The clerk told me people actually buy them by the case and sell them through e-bay through out the year.

Trader Joe Candy Cane Jo Jo's are the best holiday treat. The only bad thing about them is that you can only get them during the holiday season. I make a fondue with mlk chocolate, caramel sauce and Frangelico. The Candy Cane Jo Jo's are me and my girlfriends favorite treat to dip in it during our holiday parties!