Tostitos Tostitos Cantina Traditional

Tostitos Tostitos Cantina Traditional

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Great chip's My husband loves these chips. They taste just like the restaurant ones. It's like being in a Mexican restaurant and having a Margarita while enjoying your chips and salsa.

frsh The crunch and texture of these chips are amazing. They taste fresh made and go great with any salsa or dip

They taste just like the ones served in a restaurant. Salty, crunchy and light, perfect with salsa!

these are really good with dips or I eat them by their selves

I recently purchased to Stites cantina chips by accident. I made ceveche and served them with it. The kids ate the whole bag of chips in a night! The only complaint I would have is the chips are a bit on the salty side. Regardless of that these are awesome!

Delicious chips that have a great taste and yummy with salsa.

I just love cantina chips!!! They are so flavorful, they are awesome chips for dipping in several sauces

Crunchy, large chip pieces, not a bag of broken Bits. I love the amount of salt. The saltier the better.

This is by far my favorite store bought chips. They have just the right amount of flavor and salt. I love this is great for salsa, spinach dip, my home made taco dip, guacamole and etc.

Tostitos tortilla chips are so good. They're the only other brand of tortilla chips I'll eat. They're great for dipping.

I love these Tostitos Cantina chips they are delicious, my whole family loves them and they don't last a day on the counter.

I really like Tostitos Cantina! These have the perfect crunch and taste to them. I like these with salsa and a lot of yummy dips. Me and my boyfriend would always make these with our favorite nacho dip and they would pair together great. These are really good with cheese dip and any kind of nachos too! :]

These are great ! usually I am eating homemade tortilla chips but I love eating things. we always have these when our family is over. these go great with practically any type of salsa, or just what you use as your dipping sause.

The chips are the best i like them I always have them in my hous we eat them with salsa all the time the holidays wst ching sports bbq

These are my favorite tortilla chips! They're light and crispy. They pair well with many dips and salsas. It really is like being in a restaurant but in the comfort of your own home and no one staring at you when you fill a third bowl. They're a little more expensive than others, but it really is worth it. The cantina chips are a higher quality and flavor.