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  • OliviaB5 By  OliviaB5    

    Made for dipping!

    Tostitos chips are great paired with dips they don't crack easy like some others do when you are dipping them into dip.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    


    Tostito's makes the best tortilla chip for every dipping occasion. Grab some salsa and you can't go wrong.

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  • dmaz2010 By  dmaz2010    

    These have a great taste, texture and are versatile for many dishes

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  • mastrogm By  mastrogm    

    Great Taste

    Best tasting chip I have had. Try for healthier products and many times the taste is absent. This tostitos chip holds its own and also is great with salsa or cheese dip. It is a keeper

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  • berryartsandphotography By  berryartsandphotography    

    Chip Perfection

    I LOVE eating Tostitos Flour Tortilla Chips with everything from guacamole, cheese dips, salsas, bean dips, chili dips, and even broken up in my ramen noodles! These chips are perfection for all of your dipping needs and as a scrumptious chip to accompany a classic sandwich as well.

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  • cstitch By  cstitch    

    These chips a very good! I've become just a little They're especially good with melted cheese and jalapenos!

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  • fifina By  fifina    

    Supper Product

    Fantastic flavor, super fresh explode the palate great item my family and I enjoy every one piece thanks

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  • rbarker69 By  rbarker69    


    My family loves these chips. These are great for a snack or to go with an appetizer.

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  • JohanAngel By  JohanAngel    

    Good but...

    Good chips, even though I prefer the original ones..

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Rehab patients only request

    Who doesnt lije Tostitos?? We all live them. I actually just bought a couple bags for home and to take to a friend that is in rehab for breaking his hip and Tostitos was his only snack request. Cant say much more than that!!

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  • Srose2357 By  Srose2357    

    Never fails to impress

    Tostinos never fail to impress me. These tortilla chips taste great and hold up well even to a heavy salsa or dip. I always reach for these when I need tortilla chips.

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  • funtome2 By  funtome2    

    Its about time.

    Im so glad someone started making good four tortilla chips. These are great.

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  • Dima59 By  Dima59    

    Love my Tostitos.

    They are perfect to dip, and perfect to eat with a bowl of chili. Not too salty and they don't break when dipped.

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  • Fontella By  Fontella    

    The perfect chip

    I absolutely love these chips crunchy and delicious perfect for any dip or just right out of the bag my go to party chip.

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  • mascals By  mascals    


    These are so delicious. they crispy and go oh so good with the salsa or nacho cheese. My kids like to use it with the guacamole as well

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