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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips are great on their own, with salsa, or any other preferred dip.

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  • Zoiebabee By  Zoiebabee    

    Another great Tostitos product. We tried these with a warm bean dip and loved every minute of eating them. Nice and crispy with a good flavor.

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  • jodihunter By  jodihunter    


    These are so good, they had just the right balance of everything.

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  • oregongirl420 By  oregongirl420    

    salsa chips!

    Amazing tortilla chips! I love this unique black bean flavor super good

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  • VictoriaSmith72193 By  VictoriaSmith72193    

    These are highly addicting. I could eat them alone or with salsa, guacamole or hummus.

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  • tracyolivia By  tracyolivia    

    Crunchy and fabulous! Homemade hummus or as the base for our favorite nachos, these are by far our family's favorite. There are sure to be lots of bags floating around during football season, too.

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  • ethel55 By  ethel55    

    I like the twist on the plain tortilla chip by having different flavors.

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  • ModernManicMommy By  ModernManicMommy    

    These are amazing with salsa or nacho cheese, but they're so good even plain!

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  • luvinme1800 By  luvinme1800    

    This product is delicious! Coupled with a black bean dip or roasted corn dip it is to die for.

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  • amaug72 By  amaug72    

    Very tasty with guac or even queso dip. Need a little something, too plain alone.

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  • Jewelzs8 By  Jewelzs8    

    Guilt- free snack!

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  • lorena11bro By  lorena11bro    

    I usually make my own tortilla chips, but I don't always have time. I am pretty picky about which brand I buy and Tostitos Artisan Tortilla Chips fit the bill. I love the Black Bean Artisan flavor because it accents my guacamole incredibly and they are very affordable and tasty!

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  • mperked By  mperked    

    dont like the artiisan torilla chips they are not good tooo spicey

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  • ecohippiemomma By  ecohippiemomma    

    By far one of my favorite chips. I love the flavor of them.

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  • msbleu87 By  msbleu87    

    Haven't tried these but I like the queso 3 cheese kind with spinach dip

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