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Great store for young woman I have never bought anything from this store, but I did go shopping with my friend once. Finally someone made a store for plus size teen girls and young women. Their clothes are so cute and affordable. They always have sales going on. They keep up to date on style trends. If I was plus size, I would definitely shop at this store.

I love this store, but it is too expensive. It is difficult to find trendy clothes for plus sized women and they have a cool selection for younger women.

I thought they had some really cute stuff, but also way overpriced.

I do like that they provide plus size clothing that is fashionable for young women, and even young at heart. just because you don't fit in a size zero doesn't mean you should have to dress like an old frumpy woman. I think it's crazy they have everything priced so high that many of the plus sized girls I know aren't able to enjoy these clothes often.

Beautiful clothes!!! They have sizes 0 to 4x, I think. Their staff is always really friendly, and their store is always very clean and organized. I love their accessories too! The only downside is that they're a little expensive. 25 bucks for a tshirt... I don't know about that.

I happen to go into this store after one opened up near me. I do like the clothes but Its a little too pricey for my budget. I would buy something for a special night out but not for everyday clothing.

Their products are durable and fashionable, they definitely fill a niche for the young plus-sized crowd. I could always walk in and find at least one outfit that was age-appropriate and fashionable. The only thing keeping Torrid from 5 stars is the price tag...

Torrid is a trendy store for young plus-size women, located in malls across the country, and they also have a great website with tons of fashions ranging from edgy to businesslike. They serve sizes 12 and up, with lots of fun, sexy, or more classic offerings. I'm starting to get too old for some of their more funky styles, alas, but I had great fun in my 20s and early 30s in some of their wild dresses, corset tops, etc. However, I can still wear some of their more subdued (but still attractive and fashionable) dresses, tops, and slacks. Their prices are a bit high, but they have lots of great sales (frequently, they have "half off clearance," and they have tons of clearance items available). Kudos to Torrid for providing a stylish alternative to plus-size teens and young women!