Tori Spelling Mommywood

Tori Spelling Mommywood

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I have heard a lot about this product. I like Tori, seems like a good mom. Have not seen the product yet, personally but would like to.

Want to read this book!

Sometimes I wonder why Famouse people even try to write books. They believe they are like everyone else, but in reality they are nothing like the average everyday person. I found her writing some what hard to follow and as I stated I just couldn't relate to most things. To be honest, I just couldn't finish the book.

I thought I would love this but I was not crazy about this book. The stories are somewhat funny, if you like Tori you will enjoy this book certainly, but then go get the sTORI Telling book, because it is much funnier.

love her ! but i liked her first book better!

I enjoyed this book. It was funny and I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves a good book. I read it when I was feeling down and it ade me happy.

This book is on my To-Read list. She is a great mother and she seems very sweet.

I've read this book and I LOVED it. Tori has such an adorable 'voice' and the way she words things is just hilarious!

I love Tori.

This book is a fun read that is a follow-up of Tori's first book "sTory Telling". I recommend it to anyone who wants incite into parenting 2 children in Hollywood should pick up this book.