Tori Spelling Debunks Breastfeeding Myth: You Can Get Pregnant!

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Tori Spelling Debunks Breastfeeding Myth: You Can Get Pregnant!
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Many new moms feel that one of the perks of breastfeeding is that they get a break from their monthly cycle a little longer and can feel safe relying on it (at least in the first month or so) as contraception. But as Tori Spelling can now attest, you can never be too careful if you’re not trying to get pregnant again soon after having a baby.

Spelling recently revealed to People that news of her now fourth pregnancy came as a total shock while her third child was just 4 weeks old. The Craft Wars host told Today, “It was the second biggest shock of my life. The first was when they said [5-month-old] Hattie was a girl when she was born, because we thought she was going to be a boy. And the second was that I was pregnant after my newborn had just turned one month old. We were shocked. I can dispel the old wives’ tale that you can’t get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding.”

Though Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have always talked about wanting a large family and seem to truly love being parents to their brood, getting pregnant so soon after giving birth by c-section can be very difficult and gives the body less time to heal. Many women who get pregnant soon after giving birth also feel they have little time to regain a sense of themselves before being thrown back into the whirlwind of pregnancy.

What do you think of the news of Tori Spelling’s fourth child on the way so soon after having her third?

Have you ever relied on breastfeeding as contraception?

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  • maineac By maineac

    First clue? "Old Wive's Tale"... There's a reason why sex ed. says abstinence is the ONLY definite for birth control.

  • JmeJ06 By JmeJ06

    They still teach in birthing class that breastfeeding is likely to help prevent pregnancy for up to 3 months but isn't 100% reliable. I have a 6 month old and so far it's worked for me.

  • heavenly41 By heavenly41

    Ignorance is NOT bliss. I love Tori but , well yeah... I've had 6 of my own and it's NOT from breastfeeding and having sex. The only way to 100% prevent it is abstinence.

  • dawniep By dawniep

    Every woman should know this! Breastfeeding actually made me more fertile, that's how I ended up with 3 kids in 3 years!

  • mintmom By mintmom

    I thought this was something that was widely known already. Kinda sad that she didn't know this.

  • pennysfromheaven By pennysfromheaven

    Umm.... yeah, thats been known along time now.

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