Torani  Hazelnut Syrup

Torani Hazelnut Syrup

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It tastes like fake hazelnut - pretty much how you would expect it to taste. It's sweet enough to sweeten your coffee with just a tablespoon too. If you go into it with the expectations that it's going to taste like a hazelnut syrup, you won't be disappointed.

I really like the Hazelnut syrup in my coffee. I'll be using a lot of it this holiday season. The best part is sharing with my mom.

I prefer the vanilla and use the sugar free, but hazelnut is not bad.

The Hazelnut flavor from Torani Syrup is amazing. It is the only flavor I like in my coffee.

Okay ..


I personally like this product. I have purchased many bottles over the years. They taste great in a variety of drinks. I would recommend this product.

Having used many of these syrups, this is one I keep on hand as hazelnut us one of my favorite flavors.

Deliscious flavor! Can be used to make many hot and cold coffee drinks!!

I saw these bottle @ Starbucks in FL. Now I buy everytime I see them.

I have always wanted to have syrup at home so that we could make coffee drinks at home. The Torani Hazelnut syrup was yummy and I definitely enjoyed having it in the house! I mixed it with the Vanilla syrup and the combination was wonderful.

I used one of the coupons provided to purchase this since I didn't care much for the flavors sent to me (salted caramel & peppermint). This was hard to find where I live & I could only find a smaller bottle at Walmart. I always flavor my coffee with hazelnut creamer so I thought I would substitute the Torani classic hazelnut syrup with milk instead. It didn't take much to give me just the right amount of hazelnut flavor with sweetness & now I'm ready to try it in iced coffee.

This is so good. You can use this with cheap coffee and make it so yummy! It adds an extra layer of flavor. It is so good if you like hazelnut. I also used it in a coffee-milkshake drink I made up. Very, very good! Thanks shespeaks for the extra coupons to try other flavors. YUM!

The Hazelnut flavor in Torani Syrup is amazing. It is just sweet enough to add a little bit of taste to your drink but not too sweet and I am a HUGE hazelnut fan and this does not disappoint. I enjoy it in my coffee however I think it'd be an awesome addition to a mousse or other dishes as well.

I received Hazelnut and sugar free pumpkin. I also bought the gingerbread syrup with my free coupon. We had our entire family for Thanksgiving and we set out the Torani Syrup. Our family loved having a variety to choose from, but it seems their favorite was the hazelnut. We have a Keurig coffee maker so with all the choices it looked like we had a coffee bar!